What is Neolands?

In an indie game called Hypnospace Outlaw, you can browse a section of the web called the Freelands (pictured below). It is a series of maps with clickable buildings and objects leading to the webspaces of Hypnospace's denizens.

[Image: A map drawn in a style reminiscent of medieval map drawings; it is a grassy plain with trees, a couple houses and castle towers, a small pond in the bottom left, and a winding pathway with a signpost.]

I adored this section of Hypnospace Outlaw, and I thought to myself: What if we could make something like this for Neocities?

How would it work?

I would draw several different maps of varying biomes (as requested by you, the community), and then people would be able to apply to place a "building" or "object" on any given empty space of the map. Several pre-made buildings and objects would be available to place on the maps, but I would also be willing to let people place their own building/object graphic if they provided one.

When hovered on: A building/object would display information about the webpage occupying that space, including a description and button if applicable.

When clicked on: The building/object would take you to said webpage! In a new tab, of course.

Do note that the application process would filter out any webpages that include any form of hate speech and bigotry. This is a trans rights land.

What do we need?

I am fully willing to draw out maps with fun clickable objects, but there's no use in doing so when you don't even know who or what is gonna live on said maps, right?

If you are at all interested in having your website included on a series of maps like this, I would love it if you could fill out the form included below! That way, I'll have an idea of what kind of biomes people want included, what kind of clickable objects to draw, and what kind of fandoms might be included. It will be fully possible to add new maps and new sections after the initial version, but this will give me a good benchmark of what to make first.

How long will it take?

Honestly? I don't know just yet. It fully depends on how many applications and form responses we get.

How can I help?

I would like to request that you spread the word of this project, if possible, so we can include all kinds of sites and people. Here's a cool button for linking here.

[Neolands button.]

Who's making this, anyway?

Me! I like to think that I have some level of skill with graphic design and web design.

Here are links to my other pages, if you would like to peruse my artwork and designs:

[Inkposting] [Nose Club] [only sans]

For any other questions and comments, please contact me on my Neocities profile.

Thank you so much, and take care on your travels!